At one of the Society inc. workshops, we were lucky enough to meet Mickey of Glenmore House in Camden. She told romantic stories of her Garden of Eden in the not-so-far outer burb of Sydney. When I first started my styling career I was shooting out that way & had to find some plants at very short notice. In my Dad’s ute, I followed some signs to a local nursery. To my great delight I had discovered a camellia farm showcasing very old, huge specimen trees of every variety. If this was not enough, they also had a grass croquet lawns that looked over a tree-drenched valley. I have never found (or actually looked) for this again but Camden remained a fond memory.

It is a very old part of outer Sydney that city sprawl has finally & perhaps disappointedly caught up with. Upon arrival we realised (my photographer brother Chris & Hannah) it was all true. This was Eden. Mickey practices traditional farming as well as running cooking & demonstrating workshops where produce is picked from the garden.

Glenmore House is a spattering of old (or re-assembled) outhouses that are built from the original materials and/or purpose or blueprint. There are hedges galore, an orchard encased by a stone wall, espaliers, grapes, raspberries, beans & peas, lettuce, leeks, all your other kitchen necessities & fruit trees (that were in bloom on my visit). It is all set in manageable beds in intimate settings. Don’t think a sprawling farm, this is a beautiful petite garden to feed & demonstrate how sustainable living can work.

This is escape at its best- I wanted to set up a teepee and live amongst the trees! Mickey & I are looking to do a collaborative workshop in the next few months on decorating the Christmas table from the garden & cooking seasonal fresh produce.

Please email us if this is something that interests you:

Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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