Chair by Harriet Goodall

There’s a new favourite on my bookshelf; Karen McCartney and a stellar design team have combined their creativity and wealth of design and architecture knowledge to create Perfect Imperfect: the beauty of accident, age & patina. Beautifully capturing the essence of the Japanese philosophy ‘wabi-sabi’, we’re taken on an exploration of beauty in all that is impermanent and imperfect, with insights into the spaces and studios that house creatives from Australia and around the globe.

The collective aesthetic of Karen, stylist Glen Proebstel, photographer Sharyn Cairns and art director Tracy Lines accumulates into a visual feast of gorgeous lighting and contrasts; the play between shadow and form, transitions between details of cherished objects and unique interiors, with striking shades of black, grey and white running as a visual thread throughout.

I love how the interspersed headings capture the spirit of the book as well as complimenting the signature styles of the featured artists and designers – The art of accidents, mark of the hand, deep shadow, weathering and decay, incomplete and irregular. It’s about celebrating the natural, treasured & found object, the role of the maker’s narrative, the importance of process.

Keep an eye out for my little feature (pages 186 – 195, but I highly recommend working your way through the whole book!) as well as works by Jacqueline Fink of Little Dandelion, designer Martyn Thompson’s Soho apartment and Canberra’s very own Hotel Hotel.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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