Threadbare was inspired by my adventures in Transylvania, whilst travelling around for my book Gypsy. I stayed in a beautiful estate called The Mihai Eminescu Trust that had been softly renovated. With the most simple touches of fresh paint and top layer styling the space was transformed. I loved the library room painted in a soft and velvety green hue.

Threadbare is a great alternative to grey – it’s for those who want to include colour in their space but are too shy to use a super bright or bold colour. It reminds me of book covers, ribbons, all things beautiful. Threadbare is most fitting for my palette Objet Trouvé which is defined as; an ordinary object, found; a strand of sequins, a beaded flower, thread & buttons etc that is treated as an object of art by the one who finds it.

I have recently painted my bedroom in our new home from top to bottom in Threadbare, leaving the cornice in porcelain & I love it! Splash Threadbare throughout your home in any given room. Alternatively, mix it with other soft hues such as By-The-Yard and Rosette, for an always-relaxing interior.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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