This week we have pulled a hue from the colour box that we use everyday. It is the perfect foundation for any of my palettes, it is no other than Porcelain which can be found amongst other hues in Indigo Blues.

Whilst always searching for the perfect white, I came to the point where I thought I might as well make my own, this is when Porcelain came to life. It sits beautifully among my palette Indigo Blues, but also goes with EVERY colour you could imagine.

Porcelain is my go-to white for any project, it is the perfect balance between warm and cool. I have used it on every job I have worked on whether it be styling on a shoot for my book, my hospitality projects or in my own home.

Splash Porcelain throughout your home – don’t be boring and cover all of the walls and ceilings with it, instead use it to highlight. Paint your walls with Tarnished Silver or Threadbare and use Porcelain to highlight your favourite cornices, skirting boards & window frames. It’s also perfect in any given hospitality venue, I love to use it with bright punchy colours, as well as soft hues – it sits pretty with any of the feminine pinks from Paperwhites.

Like me, If you have forever been searching for the perfect white – look no further. Porcelain is the perfect white, I swear by it!

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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