Loveletter comes from my palette Paperwhites; a muted & feminine palette inspired by all things paper.

Paper ephemera comes in many forms: post cards, certificates, shelf liners, dollies and of course, love letters. Loveletter is inspired by a pale pink paper. It’s delicate, scented with attar of rose & a wax seal, only to be broken by the addressee and hand delivered by a messenger whilst the admirer waits oh-so-patiently for a response.

Loveletter is a soft pink hue but without being too pink. It’s a bit Jane Austin-ish in a cool way.

Splash Loveletter all over your bedroom walls & pair it with porcelain for a calming and muted interior. Alternatively paint a dado using Loveletter in your living room & pair it with some fun & punchy colours found in your furniture, rugs & lighting. Loveletter also sits pretty with many hues within paperwhites – a few of my favourites being seagull, talas & onionskin.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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