Isla Negra is inspired by famous poet Pablo Neruda, who penned largely love poems.

Casa de Isla Negra was one of Pablo’s homes in the coastal town of El Quisco, which he and his third wife Matilde Urrutia spent much of their time in. It is here that he wrote his most captivating love poems.

The home is a captain’s fantasy. It resembles a ship and was inspired by all things maritime. The interior boasts low ceilings, narrow passageways and creaking wood floors with the exterior telling a story of it’s own. Pablo was a collector and curated each room with collections of treasured pieces, from bottles to an array of shells, maps, ship figureheads & more.

The home reflected Neruda’s passion for Isla Negra, the sea & his surroundings. My hue resembles the punchy turquoise of the sea on a sparkly day on Isla Negra & the stories of seafaring love written by Neruda.

Bring the marvellous blue of Isla Negra home by painting a ‘runner’ on your timber stairs from top to bottom -or just the risers – pair this with Porcelain on the sides & a Pirate Black handrail. Alternatively splash Isla negra on an exterior wall near your alfresco dining area to add some colour & fun. Not so brave with your colours? Add subtle touches of Isla Negra in your home by painting found pieces of furniture such as pots, bedside tables & old wooden chairs. Have a bit of fun and stencil numbers onto timber seats, then add a twine upper to really bring the Casa de Isla Negra vibe home to you.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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