This week we have pulled a sentimental & all time favourite hue of mine from our colour box, no other than Ikat.

Ikat is is a stunning purple/pink like hue, which you will find in my 10-colour palette Travellers & Magicians. Ikat is an inspired hue and is as whimsical & beautiful as the name sounds.

Not only do I love this deep mix of pink & purple, it is the name that draws me to Ikat, it immediately brings to mind lovely memories & stories I have shared with my mother.

When I went on a trip to Uzbekistan with my mum, we went and visited the master dyers and weavers of Ikat in Fergana Valley –  a faraway place which I had always dreamt of visiting. We watched these talented makers create the most beautiful textiles I have ever seen.

Through my Mothers travels, she has acquired the most stunning collection of ikat; some of which I inherited from her. Whenever I see this colour it reminds me of my mum, it is a memory I will always hold close to me.

Use Ikat anywhere & everywhere in your interiors. It’s perfect for a young girls bedroom, paint a dado to create a tromph lloyd style bedhead, or paint the bedroom door in Ikat and use Porcelain to sign write a name or number. If you’re a creator of hospitality spaces like myself, Ikat is a fabulous hue to brighten up a space & tell a story. Paint some faux tiles on your concrete floor with Ikat or use it for a custom mural to really enhance your design. Ikat sits pretty with any colour from Travellers & Magicians – shop the whole palette here.

Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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