I have long admired Faye Toogood. Many moons ago (from the 90’s on) she was the genius creative behind the swatch pages of The World of Interiors. I admired her gusto & enthusiasm for what could be have been approached in a ho-hum kind of a way.
Fast forward to the last couple of years- her work you can now step into. The Rug Co in NYC & Chicago were designed by her, & ooze with a sense of humour, colour, general good taste & uber cool furniture pieces to showcase the rugs.
See pp. 171 in The Stylist’s Guide to NYC.
Although I missed this years Milan Furniture Fair (actually, I’ve never been) I lived it through the pics & clever words of Vogue Living’s David Clark.
I was captivated by Faye’s interactive space created in an Italian apartment: she held soiree at midnight, where the food was as much on show as her leather covered chairs (sewn by specialist fetish couture masters), resin tables, aluminium chairs and lunar plates. Tea-dyed boiled eggs held in hammocks were served by black latex gloved waitresses, charcoal covered cheese & chocolate dipped bread skewered by a knife were piled for you to serve yourself.
This woman is a genius & is as cool as Ilse Crawford.
These are the women that inspired me & enticed me into this industry.
All photos from www.studiotoogood.com

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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