The Society Inc | Deconstructing a Still Life

Unlikely or cherished objects can be intrinsic to the way a space feels. Sometimes it is the small things that can make the biggest impact on people in an environment. A cushion, bag or favourite hat can be a prop, sculptural element or piece of art to be left out and admired. Souvenirs from adventures abroad, flea market finds & pages sourced from old maps, dictionaries & atlases can be the perfect unexpected essence of storytelling and adventure in a space.

Whether your adding the final touches to a completed room or simply feel like your space needs a change up, our suggestions for small things which make a big impact are our swarm cushions, oil painting bag, panama hat & linen tea towel.

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The Society Inc | Deconstructing a Still Life.


Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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