So often the beauty of an object resides from the process of its making. This could be the tightly woven strands of natural fibres stacked amongst an array of baskets, the uneven ridges of seagrass underfoot or the fine translucent nature of a hand loomed garment. The character defining uneven stitches on a leather-bound notebook or the raw hem on a length of salvaged cloth.



If you surround your spaces with objects with character & visible stories, you will never have unsightly storage boxes or organisational drawers to conceal. This still life shows an effortlessly romantic vignette of hand loomed baskets for storing prized garments.

The Bomba woven baskets in small, medium & large, Swarm Cushion – Gus, natural water hyacinth mat and soft lengths of cloth from Korea are all inspired choices to recreate this still life in any room.

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Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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