Although I am very anti-hunting and concerned about extinction, I continue to have a somewhat romantic view of colonialism & hunting safaris. Theres nothing like the find of a shed antler while traversing the countryside. It feels such a score to cart home. I would love to be in the country of roaming elk, and to one day stumble upon an Elk’s antler, or even a Pair!


A papier-Machè menagerie makes a transitional room a little fun. Attach them low & high so each has room for it’s own personality. The whimsical joy which animals brings can give beautiful character to any space. Our selections to re-create this still life at home are our Paper Mache Kudo Skull & Paper Mache Deer Head. Bring in the Milan armchair for it’s great lines, Whale side plate, Superior Tote Bag & ephemera clip to hang any additional beloved adornments & you have a beautiful story inspired by this still-life to bring into any space!

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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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