This still-life is a nod to the mysteries & fascinations of sea craft, pirates and buccaneers, and the sense of adventure that they bring. The word ‘Buccaneer’ originates from the Caribbean Arawak word Buccan, a wooden frame for smoking meat.  The French term ‘boucanier’ soon followed- referring to the French hunters who used such frames to smoke produce.

Around 1630 when Spaniards tried to drive the French from the Island of Tortuga, the French rallied forces and partook in acts of piracy in small sea crafts against the Spanish ships roaming the open seas. The name Buccaneer, with the connotation of pirates was spread by English settlers occupying Jamaica. Buccaneers later became know as outlaws, part privateer, part pirate authorised by the government to attack foreign war vessels.

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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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