This palette naturally came to life whilst I was travelling around Italy, for my book Nomad. I am fascinated with all things sea: sirens & mermen, underwater worlds & treasures, myths & legends, serpents & seafaring spirits. The inspiration behind this palette is no exception to these fascinations of mine, as the story behind it encapsulates all of these things.


 Tales of a Sea Gypsy is a storytelling palette in all senses. This 10-colour palette is inspired by a Lithuanian love story; Jūratė’s Castle.

Jūratė’s Castle tells a tale of a goddess mermaid; Jūratė (from the noun jura meaning sea) who lived under the Baltic Sea in a picturesque amber castle. Jūratė was the ruler of all of the sea & its sea-life. One day a young fisherman named Kastytis disturbed the peace of Jūratė by catching all of the fish in the sea, thus Jurate decided to punish him & restore peace. However in doing so she fell in forbidden love with this young fisherman. Shortly after, Jurate & Kastytis resided together in Jūratė’s amber castle under the sea. Soon after the two united Perkunas, the thunder-god was astonished that the goddess had fallen in love with a mortal fisherman & struck the amber castle, causing it to explode into millions of pieces and killing Kastytis. According to legend, Jūratė was then chained either to the ruins or a rock on the seafloor by Perkūnas & that is why pieces of amber come ashore after a storm on the Baltic sea. Others argue that the amber pieces washed ashore are Jūratė’s tear drops; either way, this love story’s beauty and magnificence still makes its way onto the shore of the Baltic sea front, in glorious amber hues.

Take these Tales of a Sea Gypsy into your interior, with a splash of Ghostly Passage painted dado height around your bedroom. OR, bored with a plain concrete floor? Hand paint a pattern or graphic with Tempest & Moontide to immediately add interest to your space.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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