The Society Inc | Colour Hunting: NbyNW

The Society Inc | Colour Hunting: NbyNW

My love of stories of sailors & pirates lead to the NbyNW palette – I delved into the world of seafarers from a ships paraphernalia, weather predictions, famous travel tales, handy knots and the maps, charts & signals one needs when on the high seas for YEARS!

In Etcetera I list the ‘Skills that Sailors had Other than Sailing’ : sewing, tattooing, birdwatching, whittling, scrimshawing, training pets like monkeys, parrots, crickets, dogs, musical instruments, making games of quoits & balls, dancing jigs & singing sea shanties, reading (most ships had a library), basketweaving, and palm&leather braiding, collecting specimens, botanical drawing, cooking, shooting&skinning specimens, herbal remedies, rope&net making, bone carving of buttons, needles & gambling chips.

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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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