The Society Inc | Colouthunting: Merchants&Traders


This week for our colour hunting expedition we look at Merchants & Traders.

Merchants & Traders came about whilst I was travelling in Syria. It is another of my 10-colour-palettes, which is found in my book Nomad.

The colours of the desert are reflected in these oasis towns, all muted neutrals; beaten metal vessels, basalt striped walls of the caravanserai; canvas stretched over roads the width of carts; shiny strong coffee beans & the soft silvery green of olive leaves and pistachios.

Honest materials influenced the palette. Think; wood, leather, slate, iron, steel, rope, dirt, paper, stone, cement, hand blown glass, mud bricks, haystacks, flelt, canvas & burlap.

Don’t be afraid to use this inside or outside of your home! Try River Keeper as a dado around your bedroom or office space, or farrier on a door to create a bold entranceway to your bedroom or home.

The Society Inc | Colouthunting: Merchants&Traders


Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 29, 2019

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