Isla Negra is fresh & punchy, evoking turquoise waters by coastal towns. In fact, this colour was inspired by poet Pablo Neruda whose home Casa de Isla Negra in Chile is a captain’s fantasy celebrating all things maritime.

With sparkling waters and a dash of romanticism in mind, Isla Negra has found its way into a few space I have worked on. As a feature colour it can build up the vibrancy of a well-lit living room looking particularly luxurious in quilted velvet or more subtly worked into a colourful ikat reimagined as a lampshade.

But for the bold, Isla Negra can truly become a feature on the walls, immersing all who walk into the room in a wash of rich turquoise that sings of the deep sea.

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Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

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