Perhaps it’s because I can feel the early days of spring nipping at my heels – only via my calendar, as the weather is still very chilly – but I’m matching my excitement at seasonal change with a hunger for a freshen up. Let’s start at the front door – so much potential that can be easily changed as you so please. I often wax lyrical about my love of paint, but truly, if you’re itching for a quick update for your home, all you need is a striking tone and some brushes to instantly change things up. The front door is the perfect entry-level paint project.


All you need is:
1 x litre of paint

1 x brush

1 x afternoon

I recommend two coats to make sure your chosen hue hits the right notes and remember that drying time will be dependant on the weather. I’m crossing my fingers that this weekend brings a little more warmth and sunshine!

My top colour suggestions:




Yellow Monday

Here are my tips for painting.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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