Put similar materials together – a metal postcard postcard holder sits with a metal mesh lampshade. It’s a place for cards, postcards, invites and other ephemera collected on your travels. I cannot help but pick up coasters, wrapping, matchbooks, napkins, maps etc as mementos.

The Society Inc | Bringing Home Italian Style Part I

When I loosely hung some rope with knots and loops over a pole, it instantly took me back to the wooden painted boats that go from Positano to the grottos of Capri or potter around the Mediterranean, visiting the water access only inlets and restaurants. A great entrance and transitional divider as well as a conversation starter.

The Society Inc | Bringing Home Italian Style Part I

I was inspired by my room at La Minervetta in Sorrento. Add to tongue-and-groove with a designer stepladder and driftwood star ( a little bit souvenir in style) casually placed on the counter.


I bought this beautiful book of handmade Amalfi paper & knotted binding from a shop on Capri. Display your finds just on an open page.

The Society Inc | Bringing Home Italian Style Part I
I love immediacy of tape, all colours, all shapes. Put up an idea in minutes and move it around with ease.
Use thin masking tape, I did a crude fish shape (no, I’m not a born-again Christian) resembling the image on a boat that goes from the main pot of Positano to Da Adolfo’s in the summer months.
Mix it in with your existing collections. A handy ladder that leads to a mezzanine level can be used for books and some of your souvenirs of sea-tossed stones. A plastic urn is my spin on the cliff-clinging sculptures of Ravello.

The Society Inc | Bringing Home Italian Style Part I

Not everything has to be presented as is. Embellish your flea market find by stencilling a number, and binding the back in rope, which can be found at hardware stores or at auction. It personalises it, and looks great. This was inspired by the wooden fishing crafts of Positano & Capri, all lined up, full of nets, rope & rolled-up canvas in shades of blue.

Tune in next week as I share my of styling based on my Italian adventure as well as my pointers for places to see.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 25, 2019

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