I always look to nature when pulling together a palette that works in both colour & texture. Naturally occurring colour schemes from such places as the plumage of exotic birds or the shaggy, weatherbeaten coats of Scotland’s Highland cattle are some of my past inspirations. But it’s not just fauna that catches my eye, flora is also rich with ideas for colour and texture play.

My recent trip to the Cloud Forest in Singapore did not disappoint, with the slightly magical dome offering a treasure trove of colour. I loved the full spectrum of greens, flashes of deep purples and rusty browns, too. The textures also showcased the master mixology of Mother Nature and the value of variations within a scheme.

The hazy layer of mist that blanketed some sections of the plants mellowed the bright tones and softened the vibrancy green.

Visiting the Cloud Forest reminded me how important it is to search for inspiration outside the norms. Seek out all sorts of hidden gems on your adventures to enrich your interiors and life at home.

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Written by Amber TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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