My mother (1944-2008) was a textile lover, collector & keeper of knowledge. Coming to Istanbul makes me understand the collection she has left behind, a reflection of her travels, her love, her aesthetic & her knowledge.

I was in Istanbul on a buying inspiration trip with the Anthropologie team as well as shooting & gathering for my next book, Gypsy. The things they are delighted by & the wares the traders are selling make me understand how important my mothers collection is, and the need for me (with my brothers & sister) to curate it, record it in some way. Amongst my siblings we have the skill set to orchestrate a book, exhibition, catalogue, memoir. It could be something for us to share & treasure, a keepsake full of her travel photographs, memories, recipes, stories, pictures, textures, her notes & lectures, itineraries and faraway friends. My brother is a photographer, my sister a graphic designer & Indian fabric merchant, my older brother, a general all-round enthusiast.

I kept walking into shops thinking she might be in there trying on an ikat jacket that she just has to have, or another hat with an amulet she can’t be without. She is so close to me when I am travelling, I like to think she is gallivanting the world getting caught up with gypsies, guesting with the Berbers in a Bedouin tent or on a very long camel caravan and I am hot on her trail!!!

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 28, 2019

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