Not everything in your home needs to fulfil its intended use. Chairs can double as tables, floors used as a place to store generous piles of books & magazines, cupboard handles a place to hang decorations. Think outside the realm of traditional interior stores – this divine chair began life in a church.

Mix the simple with the special. The silver metal chair with plain white upholstery sits in front of a peacock & flower motif. If you need to have a quieter moment, opt for a neutral palette, but keep the embellishment.

A chair can be the grounding point or centrepiece of a space. The variations in form and the variety of materials on offer mean that you can totally change a space with this single piece. This woven wicker chair brings a bohemian vibe to the nautical entry.

Channel the style of intrepid explorer Gertrude Bell. She would travel with at least crystal, china, writing desk and a canvas bath on her own forays into the Middle Eastern deserts. I love all things that fold, so Campaign chairs made from timber and canvas with brass joints encapsulate some of my favourite things.

Written by Adam TSI Byron — October 24, 2019

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